The Magic Wrap Ltd


1: Could it be our unique khobez flat bread?

It may well be! Everything begins and ends with the flat bread! The recipie for all our wraps is unique to us and has taken time to perfect.

Baked in an authentic stone oven we are confident that nothing quite like it can be found anywhere else offering the same flavour and just the right amount of flake / crispness.


2: Prime cuts of freshly oven baked meat

Our delicious lean cuts of meat are oven baked on the day you get your wrap

Whether it’s roasted chicken, topside of beef, cuts of spanish chorizo, or pole & line caught tuna, it’s all as fresh as we can possibly make it!


3: Market fresh vegetables & salad.

Fabulous sauces Only the best fresh vegetables and salads will do to go in our wrap!

We realise that not all the best tasting sauces are necessarily the right extra for those on strict diets which is why we offer a wide variety to serve all tastes. With all the other healthy ingredients maybe a tiny treat once is a while won’t do any harm to that diet!


A Magic Wrap provides a nutritionally balanced healthy alternative to traditional fast foods usually prone to being high fat, high carb high calorie, often lacking sound nutritional value. We create our wraps individually for our customer with all ingredients freshly prepared daily in store.

Fresh crisp ‘veggies’, salad, a choice of lean meats cooked daily, a wide range of vegetarian options plus an extensive array of toppings, all helping to offer a healthier eating experience with a good balance of carbs, healthy fat and protein. All cooked ingredients are baked, nothing is deep fried!

The heart of a Magic Wrap is a delicious eastern mediterranean flatbread, known as Khobez bread in its native Lebanon, which is produced for us in the UK by an authentic Lebanese bakery. Made with unbleached flour, our wraps are light, soft and low in salt and without any added fat, artificial colourings or flavourings and are suitable for vegans.

With such a wide choice of fillings, salads and sauces from an almost endless combination of delicious healthy ingredients and flavours from all around the world, there’s something for everyone.